Air Cargo


The Cargo Terminal at Flite Line Services is experienced in handling large to small shipments with our large facilities and experienced employees. With a Canadian Customs warehouse onsite we offer you a great alternative to higher cost centers without the loss of time or services. Only a quick 5 minute drive to the 401 Highway connects you with the Region of Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, London and the Toronto Region. We have a large Ramp and have experience in aircraft of all sizes from the Metro to Boeing 727 and larger.

Flite Line Services Kitchener Inc. is a Canadian Custom Sufferance Warehouse:

Port: 0401 / Code: 4842

  • Full time warehouse staff
  • Secured bonded and sufferance warehouse
  • Customs office on-site
  • Cargo handling services
  • Forklifts & slave deck 
  • Ramp side access available for aircraft to truck loading
  • 24 Hour service available on request